This site is devoted to my creative efforts as a writer, musician, woodworker and generally restless, eclectic person.

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I received my BA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan in 1974. I returned to school twice to study electronic engineering and molecular biology, immunology and genetics.  I’ve worked since 1983 as a journalist covering computer technology, with stints covering advanced manufacturing and biotechnology. But you can read all that history on LinkedIn. Since 1998, I’ve largely worked online. I’ve been following the progress of research on empathy, behavioral economics, neurology and quantum physics, all of which help inform Replay Earth.

In addition to all that sciencey stuff, I have a passionate interest in music, both as a listener and a player. After 50 years of torturing the guitar, I guess you could call me a talented amateur. The first song I remember playing on guitar was the folk version of Sloop John B, back when they still had a show on TV called Hootenany. From Bob Dylan I went to the blues and rock. Then one day in middle age, my brain craved more complexity. For the last 20 years, I’ve been seriously exploring jazz, including playing weekly with an ensemble of much more talented players. It’s a life’s work, but I love it.

Lastly, I’ve always had a great respect for the practical. These days, that takes the form of woodworking. Most weeks, I put in some time in my basement shop, making furniture, boxes of various sorts, cutting boards, or whatever else seems to need doing. Along with guitar, woodworking is my meditation.

And, oh yeah, I’m a coffee nut. I roast my own beans. I prefer Brazilian espresso and for regular coffee, love Costa Rican, Columbian, Ethiopian and hints of Sumatra and Java.

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