What is Replay Earth?

Together, Raefe and Lina build alliances all around the world as a new society begins to emerge among those with no power in the old society from the fire and water of the ongoing apocalypse.  They face stiff opposition from increasingly bold and powerful corporations that have largely superseded governments as the authorities. The corporations are being helped by a rogue faction who take over the Guardians. But Raefe and Lina prevail, with help from the Guardians who remain true to their mission. The aliens help humanity gain a second chance through their manipulation of timelines. Humanity faces many challenges, but by the story’s end, it has a chance to survive.

In Replay Earth, an apocalypse of climate change and social strife surrounds Raefe and Lina, two 20-somethings in the Boston area in 2048. They are caught up in near-death climate disasters and increasing racial and religious conflict, authoritarian violence and the disintegration of nations. In the midst of that, Raefe discovers that the migraines and nightmares he has endured all his life are a manifestation of his latent empathic powers. He is contacted by a distant alien organization known as the Guardians whose mission is to nurture intelligent life wherever they find it. The Guardians help him to see that his empathic powers are not unique – he can help others to achieve the same abilities. He comes to realize that his leadership will be crucial to humanity’s survival. Lina’s past as refugee from genocide enables her to reach many communities normally untouched by global political movements.

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