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Coffee and the news

Where do two college kids go for Christmas break in 2049? Raefe and Lina scrimp together their savings, take the very slow solar train because it doesn’t cost carbon credits, and head to the Miami Sea Islands to earn some of those credits helping to build a tidal power station. Take a trip to the coastal future with them!

First day of class

It’s 2048 on Traveller’s Perch, a world about 20 light years from Earth. Far Flier, the leader of the Guardians, is about to explain their mission and methods to the newest class of Guardian cadets.

In the belly of the beast

In the world of 2081 our main protagonist, Raefe Epstein-Miller, uses his empathic powers to build connections between the billions of people who have been forced to the margins of society by apocalyptic climate change and the disintegration of our social fabric. Here, he is on the run in the British Isles from bad weather and corporate agents.